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who we are

We are a group of creative folks that work together to make you a next generation website.

Back in 2001, the founder began to use HTML to code the website for an academic department in the University of Rhode Island.

Back in 2002, the founder began to use Adobe Premier to generate a video for the University of Rhode Island to be shown to a focus group in South Kingstown, RI.

Back in 2003, the founder began to work a theory called Herding Theory to study how trend was formed using economic experiment.

Ever since then, the founder and various team members began the learning process of CSS, HTML, PHP, Video editing software, Online marketing theory, trend theory.

Today, we are able to offer a solution based on online technology, mobile technology, video technology and marketing theory that deliver a result that no single technology or theory can deliver.

Our team now includes members from all over the world.

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