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Our difference

our difference

We are different.

  • We believe that a man's got to know his limitations. A good website requires a skill set that no one single person posesses all. So we have a team. By working as a team, we can work out a website faster and better.
  • We agree with the philosophy of Apple--simple yet elegant. We try to keep every project as simple as possible. A website is not a piece of abstract art. It is tool of communication.

    Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple. -by C.W. Ceram

  • We co-developed our own CMS software because no single CMS yet can fill our needs. We used to work with CMSMadeSimple, WordPress, Drupal, Serendipity, Habari, FrogCMS and finally found PhpSqliteCMS. Yet it lacks some features that we need. So we forked it into our RiteCMS. Big thanks to Alex.
  • We understand new media.
  • We understand mobile web. Our website is empowered with QuickMobile technology where you can put a ".mobile" after every web-page and enjoy the same web-page in a mobile web format.
  • We follow all the latest trends of web technology, for example, the QR Code. In fact, we integrated QR Code into our website. Scan the bar-code on the far-right with your smartphone, you can view our website full optimized for your cellphone.

    We are one of very few developers in the nation that is able to do this.

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