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Our philosophy

our philosophy

Simple is more.

Some (just) say it.

We do it.

In a world of information overload, everybody is facing too much information. Nielsen did a survey in 2009 and found that the average time an American spent on a visit to a website or webpage is 56 seconds.

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Yes, the number is 56(seconds).

We believe it is a bad idea to waste other people time and pollute their eyes in any time. So we adopt the philosophy of simple - the law of Parsimony. We implement our philosophy in all aspects of web development process.

  • Design simple.
    Inspired by Occam's razor, we cut off all unnecessary components of a webpage. 
  • Write Simple.
    Also inspired by Occam's razor, our web copywriters are trained to write succinct. 
  • Develop simple.
    The process of developing a web design or concept into a web page can mean a basic html conversion or a CMS conversion. Most professional designing team use CMS like we do. We stepped even further and did our research and carefully chosen a CMS that is the simplest yet powerful.
    We are a strong believer of Lean Manufacturing. We believe every website project should be a fruition of this philosophy.

Do not believe what we say it. Just browser through our website to see how we do it.

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