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Our team

about our team

We are a group of new media folks that work together to make your a next generation website.

The graphic artists:

  • Outline your first conceptual layout of your website.
  • Design your logo.
  • Create a color palette.
  • Come up a typography plan (fonts for various component of your websites).
  • Improve the overall User Experience (UX) of your website.
  • Use photoshop or Illustrator or GIMP or InkScape.
  • Our graphic artists do not wear swimming suit at work.

The copywriters:

  • Write the content (articles) for your website.
  • Fine tune the language so that it suits for online delivery.
  • Fine tune the language so that it suits your website visitors.
  • Proof-reading your copy if you already have a website.
  • Come catchy and sexy tag lines for your website.
  • Usually wear a suit.

The marketing experts/team leader:

  • Talk to you to understand your needs.
  • Gather all your materials for website development and web marketing.
  • Know most of the latest marketing technique or tricks.
  • Have all the fancy marketing ideas.
  • Understand search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Develop a marketing plan based on your business.
  • Execute the marketing plan--online and/or offline.
  • Keep you updated with everything.

The programmer/developer

  • Understands html, css, php, sql (sqlite, mysql or other database packages).
  • Love Mac and Linux.
  • Tweak our CMS to suit your needs.
  • The actual person that code your main website or mobile website.
  • Turn the concept and design from the Graphic Artists into a website powered by our CMS.
  • Optimizing your website for speed, security and stability.
  • Usually wear jeans.

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