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5 reasons you need to back up your website routinely

5 reasons

  1. Your server might die
  2. Your website (server) might get hacked, virus
  3. Spyware attack
  4. Accidental delete
  5. You like your design a year ago


Friday, March 18, 2011, 11:04

Your server might die

Your server is just a computer. It is built to run 365*24 but that does not mean it is 100% Poka Yoke. It still might die, crash. Even worse, it might got flooded or burned down.

Your website (server) might get hacked

We keep telling everybody that this might happen to everybody, even a small website. You might think hackers only like banking websites or big websites. But the reality is it does not matter. Below is the screenshot of a real event happened to the North Providence Public Library (North Providence, RI 02904) in Feb 23, 2011.

 [ missing image ]

Virus, spyware attack

The title says it all. Virus or spyware is part of our life now. Server is no exception.

Accidental delete

When was the last time somebody spilled some coffee on their laptop? Maybe in the last few seconds.

We make mistakes. That just is human nature.

You like your design a year ago

Design is not science. We like it, we hate it. That is no reason. It is just a feeling. What if you suddenly like your design a year ago? Deleted? No. Well, that is quite possible.

The conclusion: backup your website and back you it up routinely.



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