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10 reasons Obama needs to fire his web team of the website -


Monday, April 18, 2011, 19:08

You would think Obama would hire the best web guy for the

Think again.

Look this picture.

obama hero

And then look at this picture.

obama hero

Any difference in terms of picture quality?

The bottom one is directly linked from the The picture is 136K in size.

The top one is from our server. The picture has been re-saved as a JPG at 85% quality of the bottom (original whitehosue) picture. The file size is now only 33k.

It is unbelievable that the web people in the white-house does not even know how to optimize a website. My picture is only 1/4 of the original file yet still maintains roughly the same quality.

By the way, the home page alone of the is 1.3M in size.

Here are 10 reasons that Obama should fire his web team.

  1. The picture files should optimized. Considering it is a high traffic websites, everything should be optimized.
  2. All picture files should be in lowercase to avoid platform compatibility problem.
  3. The home page is too heavy at 1.3M in size. It is just too rude.
  4. The source code looks ugly without proper indents.
  5. With such a heavy websites, the web team should have used Content Distribution Network (CDN) to speed up the download.
  6. Does this meta tag of keywords look good to you? "President, Barack Obama, White House, United States of America, 44th President, White House history, President Obama, Barck, Barek, Barak, Barrack, Barrak, Obma, Barack".
  7. 28 errors in w3c validator. Some are minor but what about duplicated IDs? How about ALT for a hyperlink?
  8. 33 errors in the second CSS file?
  9. You have to enable Javascript to see ANY picture in the gallery? How about show the first picture for no-script?
  10. Can you fix the pagination problem in the video section? Forget about Javascript. Buf if you want to use it, please fix the pagination problem so that the page will correspond to the correct video.

Oh, by the way, Mr.President, thanks for offering a mobile version of the same website, although it could need some improvement.


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