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Being charged or quoted by pages for your website? Run.


Thursday, April 21, 2011, 13:41

Do you need a new website? Are you quoted/charged by pages?

You need a new firm.

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It is amazing that so many web designing firms are still quoting by the pages. It is simply not right.

  1. A website is a holistic marketing and presentation medium. By saying "if you pay me $x, I can design 1 page; for $y, I can design 5 pages", a web firm basically tells you that a website could be any pages long. Imagine when you are shopping for a car, a sales person quotes you that by paying $x, you can 2 wheels, by paying $y, you get 4 wheels.
  2. Most often the time, a page-quoting firm does not use a CMS. They don't want you to be able update your website on your own. They want all the updating job so that they can get paid by PAGES. That means your website will be pretty static--without constant updating. That means your visitors have no reason to re-visit your website.
  3. Most often the time, a page-quoting firm is a designing firm only. There is a difference between web designers and web developers. Design usually means the logos, layout, color palette, etc. Basically all graphic stuff. Development means to turn the graphic concept into a website that needs much more than graphic work. It needs HTML/CSS and sometime PHP, ASP, JSP, Javscript, RubyOnRail, etc. There are plenty of web designers but not that many web developers. A good website is a great combination of web designers, web developers, copy writers and marketing experts.

So are/were you being quoted by pages for your website project?


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