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osama Bin Laden is dead


Monday, May 02, 2011, 10:21

Osama Bin Laden is dead. Big thanks to the US special forces team.

Some key time line.

10:52am EDT May 2: 4241 comments have been made in the youtube video.

08:39am EDT May 2: The FBI has updated its list of Most Wanted terrorists to note that Osama bin Laden (notice FBI's translation-Usama bin Laden) is deceased. 

12:30pm EDT May 2: First comment on the youtube video.

11:50pm EDT May 1: Video of President Obama's speech was uploaded to youtube. From the beginning to the end of the speech, 4,000 tweets per second were sent on Twitter.

11:30pm EDT May 1: President Obama announces that Osama bin Laden has been killed by US special operation forces.

03:00pm EDT May 1: United States military forces shot and killed Osama bin Laden after a 40-minute firefight in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and then seized his body.[2][3][4] The operation was carried out by 25 members of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group[5] under the command of the Joint Special Operations Command forces in Pakistan working with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).


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