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Frequent Asked Questions


This list is constantly being added and updated.

Do you design all-flash website? (about us)

Short answer: NO. Long answer: absolutely no.

What is the difference between a CMS powered website and a site without a CMS (technology)

CMS stands for Content Management System. A website contains content, design and some logic. Content refers to words, graphic, music, movie, etc. Design refers to content is displayed. For example, what fonts to use; which color palette to use; where to put the content, etc. Logic refers to how all contents are related.

Why do you say that your web design is green? (about us)

Our website is greenish in design but that is what we mean by "our design is green". Our design is green in that it saves everybody's time, energy and it saves server power.

I want to design my own website, can you provide some web design resources for me? (free)

Of course, we are a strong believer of DIY. If you are capable of doing everything on your own or you want to try it out first, here are some useful resources for you to design your websites. Information here is for reference only. Some resources might be offline if the owner tries to close his/her website. We try our best to make it up to date.

how to access this website (about us)

This website is designed accessible to most walks of people. If you need to access this website with access keys, here is a list of access-keys.

Who are you guys (about us)

We are a group of people, local and international, that work together to bring you a nice flavor of many latest technology and artistic trends.
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