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Do you design all-flash website?

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Short answer: No. Long answer: Absolutely no.

Do we use Flash at work? The answer is yes.
Do we use some flash for your website? The answer is yes.

We love Flash. We love watching all the cute videos on Youtube. But we do not like flash(ed) website. Here are our reasons.

  • Flash websites are not Search Engine Friendly. Many flash designers like to build a website with only one giant flash file. Search engine cannot index your website correctly if there is only file. If you like SEO (search engine optimization), you are stuck.
  • Flash websites are not mobile phone friendly. One of our big specialty is mobile phone website. In our experience, few phones can handle flash website well. Plus, flash tends to drain cellphone batteries.
  • Flash websites are not update-friendly. With flash websites, you have to use a special flash software to change the content if you want to make any changes. If you want to update something online (for example with a CMS), you simply cannot.
  • Flash Websites are not user-friendly. Due to the above reason, by having a flash website, you simply tell your visitors that you are not updating your website that often and therefore please do not come back that often.
  • and more...

Our suggestion is: do not ever design a website with only Flash. You can use Flash, but only use it when it is absolutely necessary such as to embed some video or music.

If you are not convinced, read how ditched the original all-flash design and replace it with normal HTML design.

About nine months ago, we went all Flash with our Web site. It was a technical marvel and it was indeed flashy. But, it was also something of a headache for a lot of users, so we were told.

Luckily, we're also good listeners, and that's why a few months ago we started toying with a new and improved HTML version of the MTV site. Anyone watching the live beta site has been witnessing substantial evolution, from the overall look of the pages to simplified navigation, a new video player and a vastly improved internal search mechanism.

Today, we've gone ahead and flipped the switch. The Flash site is gone.

home page of

[Screen shot of the home page of 2011]

If you were digging that, we're sorry. We have good reason to believe that you will enjoy our content via the HTML version even more. Beyond the obvious new look, here are a few key things about the new site that we're proud to deliver:

It's faster! This new HTML version will allow you to get to the pages that you want more quickly. ...

Simplified navigation! ...

Accurate internal search! A few weeks ago, we switched to a Google search application. (Yes, that Google. Yes, we get the irony.) We've already seen vastly improved results in the HTML environment and there's tweaking to be done over the coming weeks that to further improve the way results are organized. ...

No auto playing video! .......

(the above is snapshot of the original news release from To read the full release, please go to the website.)

And if you are still not convinced, read why Steve Jobs doesn't like Flash.


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