Why do you say that your web design is green?

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Our website is greenish in design but that is what we mean by "our design is green". Our design is green in that it saves everybody's time, energy and it saves power.

Every website that we design and develop will:

Save you, the website owner's time:

  • You can edit your website anytime, anywhere right in front of any computer with an Internet connection. No need to call us or any webmaster to help you for content updating.
  • You can backup your system very easily by yourself. No need of database knowledge.
  • You can edit your system even on your cellphone. Check all other bloated CMS system to see how slow they are. Not to mention how slow they would be on a cellphone. We have done that and had enough of that.
  • Your have total control of your website. No lock-in. No need to subscription or copy-write fee.
  • Your website is light weight and easy to restore. In the event you need to restore your website from a disaster or accident, the time needed is minimal. That saves you time.
  • Your website can be configure to serve mobile phone users with the same content. No need to maintain two websites. That saves your time by 50%.

Save visitors time:

  • Your website will load fast. Slow website annoys visitors.
  • Your website is designed to be as compatible as possible with most browsers. So your visitors will be able to view your website with their browsers of choice and get the same experience with most popular browsers.

Save real energy

  • Your website will draw less power from your server. That saves electricity.
  • Your website will be very stable. It will not overload your server and has less impact on your server. That means less crash. That saves money and energy.

So in all, we believe our design/development is really green.

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