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Off Line PR Strategy & marketing


♦ A surprising two-thirds of searchers are led to search on a given keyword as a result of offline marketing. --iProspect (2007).

♦ In May 2009, Google ran TV ads for its Chrome browser.

♦ Google advertised its AdSense program in radio ads in July 2009.

♦ In 2010, Google aired TV ad during Super Bowl.

ZoriaMedia comments: Integration of online & offline marketing can achieve results far better than they can produce independently.

offline marketing

You have a website. You reach every corner of the world with an Internet connection. But how many users actually visit your websites? How much business did you get from your website?

  • By 2006, CNN reported there were already 100 Million websites in the world.
  • By December 2009, that number had jumped to 234 million.
  • As of March 2011, Google indexed about 30 Billions web pages.
  • As of March 7, 2011, there exist at least 157 Million (157,097,590) blogs.
  • In the last 24 hours, 73,932 blogs were created.

With so many websites in the world, it is hard for you to stand out the crowd.

We may have the solution to your problem.

The team members of ZoriaMedia include marketing experts from both the online world and the off line world. It is our experience that while online marketing has been very popular (pay per click, AdSense, online flashing ads,etc), the greatest mistake people make is not to combine off line marketing with online marketing.

Off line marketing is essential for online marketing. Take a minute to read some facts on the right column.

Off line marketing includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Direct mail (including printed newsletters, coupons etc).
  • TV and radio ads.
  • Newspaper and yellow page ads.
  • News releases and articles (network with freelancers, column writers, etc).
  • Billboards and signs.
  • Free self-branded giveaways at business Expos, trade shows-gadgets with your logo and contact information.
  • Events marketing - social gathering, public speeches etc.
  • Use your car as a moving ad machine.
  • Free workshops for your communities.

The list is endless.  Contact us today and we will work out a solution with you.

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