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Short Video Presentation

short video production
  • People love watching video.
  • Online video sharing is virtually free.
  • Online video can easily go viral.
  • Video increases branding and credibility.

The attention span of the average individual is 30 seconds.-Milo Ogden Frank

The following video is a classic example how a viral video can build a business.

Online video has become very popular. If you are not taking advantage of YouTube, Viddler, Veoh, etc online video websites, you are missing something. We can help bridge that gap.

Our capabilities:

  • HD video: 6 years of experience working with broadcasting-grade gears such as Canon XL-1s, XL2 and 7D.
  • Video editing: 9 years of working experience with video editing software such as Adobe Premier and Final Cut Studio (Final cut pro, Motion, DVD studio, Color).

Our Services

  • Short video production: 3 minutes of online video presentation. (Sorry we do not do weddings and feature films as of now).
  • Video editing: video cutting, dubbing, Motion (final cut) graphics, video compression, subtitles, DVD delivery.
  • Video optimization for online delivery
  • Viral video creation: fun-driven short videos without all the marketing frills.

Our differences

  • We specialize in short videos.
  • We specialize in online video delivery.
  • We understand video marketing.

We don't do

  • We do not do weddings or feature films.
  • We do not do nude or porno videos.
  • We do not do TV commercials.
  • We do not do birthday parties.

Call or email us today.

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