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Wednesday, June 01, 2011, 12:59

home depot qr code 20110531

If you still think QRcode is far away, think again.

I was at two stores Monday: the Homedepot and the SuperStop&Shop. Surprisingly, I saw both stores are using QR code in their pricing tag.

To the left is the homedepot pricing tag with QR code.

This is actually a great move for Homedepot to care for the smartphone users which accounts for at least 20% of the cellphone users. I give kudo to the folks at Homedepot.

However, the caveat, unfortunately, is that the QR code turns out to be just the homepage of instead of "A" specific page on plants care etc. There must be story why they do not do that but the reality is the QR code in this case works as more like a decorator than a real helper. Hopefully the good people at homedepot will correct this in the future.

But again, it is already a nice move. Thanks homedepot so that we smartphone users do not need to type in 17 characters.

qr code homedepot destination 20110531

Below is the SuperStop&Shop pricing tag with QR code.

super stop and shop qr code 20110531

Again, it is nice move but the code only leads to the home page of a website.

Are you a merchant that takes advantage of the QR code? Please let us know.


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