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These days, everybody can create a website but all websites are different.

CMS-stands for Content Management System.

A website contains contents, design and some logic.

  • Contents refer to words, graphic, music, movie, etc.
  • Design refers to how to display the contents, for example, what fonts to use;which color palette to use; where to put the contents, etc.
  • logic refers to how all contents are related.

A CMS powered website will separate these three things. Contents are usually stored in a database. This makes it very easy to separate the Design, Contents and logic. For example, we can easily change the look of a website without recreating all the contents.

If a website is not powered by CMS, it will be very difficult to re-design a website. It is also very difficult to update. Any website without updating is worse than without a website because that means your business is not active and that gives consumers a negative opinion toward your business.

At ZoriaMedia, all websites are created using a CMS system that is easy to maintain. Yet without a significant price tag.


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