Building websites for businesses & individuals since 2008,
- fast, professional & affordable.

We provide web design (graphic & front end) and web development (programming & back-end) services with our own CMS system. Our team includes experienced IT Tech professionals, innovative graphic Designers, creative Copywriters & knowledgeable Marketing experts.

Our capabilities:

  • Graphics: concept drawing, logo design, typography (fonts), color palette generation, picture manipulation. We use Photo-shop, Illustrator, Ink-Scape and/or GIMP.
  • Programming: HTML, CSS & PHP coding. We developed our own CMS system (open source) - RiteCMS that can serve the needs of a majority of website owners. We also code with Yii Php framework. We can code in WordPress, Drupal, Habari but we do not recommend them. They are capable but very slow and are overkill for most web owners.
  • Copy-writing: offline copy-writing, web copy-writing (very much different from offline copy-writing), proofreading, tag line brainstorming, storyboard development (for video)

Our Services

  • Domain registration.
  • Main web development: clean, fast, simple and easy web solutions.
  • Mobile Web development: websites that are optimized for hundreds of smartphone models.
  • 60Min - QuickWeb: we have 60-minute quick web service. If you need a website in a hurry, we can provide one quick web service as fast as 60 minutes. We designed some themes (not yet released to the public) for our CMS. We can make you a website in 60 minutes.
  • CMS deployment: if your website is not yet powered by a CMS, we can help you migrate it to our powerful CMS system.
  • Website troubleshooting: website too slow? Looks ugly in different browsers? You are not alone. We can help.
  • International websites: English, Spanish, German & Chinese (all with online updating capabilities).

Our promises

  • We try our best to make each and every website compatible with most browsers.
  • Each website will be fully optimized for performance.
  • You can use your browser to update your website built by us.
  • You fully own your website. Our CMS software is open source and we maintain it and release it to the general public. You own your website, your theme and all the graphics. No lock-in, unlike many other service providers.
  • Each website will be reviewed by our graphic designer, programmer/developer, marketing member and copy-writing member before it is fully released to you.
  • Free 3 month technical support for every website built by us.

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